First Trimester Must-Haves

At just five weeks, I got out of bed in the morning and projectile vomited all of the water I just chugged all over the floor. (TMI) At the time, I had no idea how far along I was.. I thought I was further along (we will get to that in a later blog post). Little did I know, that was a telling sign for how the next 9 weeks would go for me. At the worst of the sickness, for a few weeks, I threw up every hour, some days even more. Sometimes it was random, sometimes something triggered it… for example: opening the fridge or an M&M add on Instagram. All of that to say, I couldn’t have made it through without Diclegis, Zofran (Miracle drugs!) and my PCP who gave me IVs in office on multiple occasions.

Once I started feeling better and vomiting less, some every day items also helped me!

  1. Ice Tray– When it was hard to drink straight liquids, ice was a lifesaver! When you’re nauseous, its easier to keep down ice vs liquids. I needed all of the hydration I could get! My mom and Luke would buy me Sonic ice by the bag, but when I wanted to add juice or another drink like Gatorade, we would mix water and a drink (my go-to was apple juice), pour into the ice trays and freeze! It made perfectly crunch ice; and the ice trays with the silicone bottom for easy removal are game changers.
  2. Preggy Pop Drops Plus- I bought these for myself and my sweet friend Danni also gifted them to me. They are packed full of vitamins, the main one being B6 which is proven to help with “morning” sickness. They taste super good too! My favorite is the lemon. Now Luke eats them when he wants candy at home and I joke that he’s going to grow boobies. lol
  3. Pretzels- Y’all I cannot count how many pretzels I have eaten while pregnant. Every time I had a non-stop vomiting episode for days, I would finally get hungry after 24 hours without vomiting. Nothing would sound good to eat, so I would reintroduce pretzels for food for at least 12 hours before I ate real food. I swear it helped, I am not sure why… I guess because its just an easy salty carb.
  4. Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamin– It is recommended that you start a prenatal at least 3 months before TTC. You have probably heard about this vitamin from a million bloggers, but it really is the best! What sparked my interest about this prenatal is the pure ingredients. They tell you where every ingredient comes from, too. I was searching for a prenatal that has methylated folate vs folic acid (the synthetic form) and I found Ritual. The no-nausea capsule is a plus, especially for someone like me. The link should provide $15 off if you would like to try it!
  5. Straws– Ever since before I knew I was pregnant, all of my drinks had to be ice cold with a straw! Specific, I know. That was a theme of my first trimester. haha

During my first trimester I also purchased this tummy butter and this tummy oil to start using religiously in the second trimester!

Hubby’s pick for a first trimester must-have:

A good coffee maker!

We have this one that we received as a wedding gift! We love it! (well… I don’t currently love it bc I don’t like coffee right now. I am hoping my love for coffee comes back, though! I had my first one since mid-January yesterday) It was a necessity for him after staying up taking care of me at all hours of the night and having to get up at 5 am for work. In an act of craziness, in the thick of my sickness, however, he gave up coffee as one of his lenten promises. I am not sure how he stayed awake! lol

Hope this post helps make someones first trimester a little easier! 🙂

xo- Haley