HH Wedding Series- Wedding Showers!

I can’t be the only one who felt uncomfortable about showers. Once I was there, they were fun! But, the whole idea of inviting people to come bring Luke and me gifts was a little uncomfortable. 

My best friend and Matron of Honor, Kimmy, was relentless in her pursuit of ensuring I had a couples shower and a “girly” shower. I tried my best to not invite too many people to both, and offended some friends that weren’t invited to both or either… but again, I found it awkward. In hindsight, I now realize people want to celebrate you; and if they don’t they won’t come. So my brides to be: don’t feel awkward about showers. You’ll end up having a great time! 

Our couples shower was a blast! 
The invite featured pictures of Luke and me, respectively, on the day of our First Communion. So, we resembled a mini bride and groom. I loved it! (I’ll do another post on all of our paper goods!)

The couples shower was at Kimmy’s parents house and it was indoor/outdoor. It was hosted by kimmy, her mom, her grandma, her aunt, and Libby (also a Matron of Honor). Inside were snacks that Kimmy’s mom, Lori, made, and eventually the food buffet. Outside was the bar, tables and karaoke! It was catered by a local seafood restaurant, Benno’s! Sooo good! We played the “shoe game” I don’t know why, but I love that game! It’s so fun. The question we were answering in the picture was “who kissed who first?” I of course, am proud of it! haha We did shock some people as we both quickly raised Luke’s shoe on the question of “who wants babies first?”.

For hostess gifts I specially picked a custom shell from a friend’s company out of Houston, Hops and Bun. They have so many different options, so I went through and picked the design that most reminded me of each of them. 

My girls shower was so sweet! It was the tea party of my dreams. 
The invite was made by Hayley at HH Design House here in Galveston. She is a creative genius! She also wrote an article for The Daily News about the afternoon tea. (Here)

This shower was hosted by “my kids” mama, Sarah, her two sisters-in-law and her mother-in-law. They all make me feel like a part of the family! 

The invite encouraged guests to wear hats, and that we did! It was an afternoon of snacking on the most amazing pastries, tea sandwiches (my favorite being Sarah’s pimento cheese sandwich), and sipping earl grey tea. 

For their hostess gifts, my mom thought of a great idea! We did monogrammed tea towels with their last initial “S” in a different color for each of them that I picked to match their kitchens, respectively. I also added in a cute pack of 3 earl grey tea bags. 

Both showers were so fun, sweet, and I left both so thankful for the great people Luke and I have in our lives. 

xo- Haley