Our Proposal Story

I told y’all how we met/started dating in my last post, so I thought it would be fun to spill on the proposal. Honestly, I have meant to write this post for so long, but was always so busy with school and rotations.

A little backstory *ring story* leading up..

Like I told y’all in my How I met Luke post, after less than 5 months he took me to try on rings. Well, before that, he told me his grandma (we call her “Manny”) had offered him her original engagement ring that his grandfather proposed to her with. This ring was given to his grandfather by another woman in the family, so it dates back to 1910s or 1920s. I thought this was so special for one because it would be staying in the family, and even more so because I never got to meet Grandad. I also love antiques and old love stories. Luke wanted to make sure this would be something I was comfortable with and I said of course! Luke also wanted to take me to some jewelry shops in Houston to see my reaction to different rings, and make sure he was going to use Manny’s. We didn’t tell too many people about this because it was so soon, and it was fun having it as a little secret! I had always said that I wanted one single round or oval stone with a plain gold band. Well, good thing Luke took me because I did not like oval solitaires at all and all of the gold I tried on was too harsh on my fair skin. I ended up loving all of the 3-stone, white gold rings. We just had a really great day trying on rings; and let me tell you, trying on rings is 1.25 million times more fun than trying on wedding dresses. lol

At lunch in Houston after trying on rings

Luke ended up getting with the Jeweler that we liked best that day and using Manny’s center diamond from her engagement ring; which is an round Old European stone, and he added tapered baguettes on the sides with a cathedral setting. 🙂

Anyway, to the important parts..

After the day in Houston, Luke didn’t really talk about anything else. Of course we would always say things about when we are married, and talk about future plans, but nothing on an engagement. Sometimes, months later, I would pry and he would joke and call me antsy (he wishes). I never got antsy because I knew it was coming soon enough, and I also knew we were the real deal so there was no need. There was one occasion on my birthday (in August) when I thought he was going to do it and I was teasing him because he seemed nervous. I think maybe he was trying to get me to expect it so I would be more surprised when it actually happened.

November 2018

Luke went home to Oklahoma for about a week over Thanksgiving. I cried when he left. I think November was when I really started feeling like it was coming.

When Luke got back from Oklahoma after Thanksgiving

December 2018

December 21st we flew to Oklahoma to be with his family for the Holidays. I stayed for a few days before heading home to be with my family on Christmas. I knew it was the last Christmas we wouldn’t be engaged/married so I was taking it all in. His plan was to come home on December 27th and I was going to pick him up from the airport in Houston. On the 23rd, we celebrated Christmas with his dad’s side of the family in Okarche, Oklahoma in the afternoon, and after that, he took me to the airport. I assumed he would just drop me off at the door, but he parked and walked me in. I think we had briefly gotten into an argument in the car right before getting to the airport. So, in my head I think I’m gonna be tough and not sad because I was still a little mad. When we got to security he hugged me and tears just started flowing. Y’all I was going to see him in 4 days so this was dramatic, but I knew something was going to be different. We said bye, and since I flew out of Oklahoma City and his parents house is over 2 hours away, he waited for me near the airport until my plane was boarding. Y’all…. I cried the whole way.. I cried sitting down waiting for my plane and on almost the whole ride home. People probably thought I was nuts. I was a tiny bit sad that we weren’t going to see each other for Christmas, but mostly I was crying because my heart felt so full and thankful. I know I said this in the last post, but again, I cannot explain it.

I have a selfie of the crying that I sent to my friends kind of making fun of myself hahaha but prob won’t share it!

We each had good quality time with our families over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While sitting at my grandparents house, my brother, Davy, told me he needed to use Luke’s truck. (Luke left his truck and keys at my apartment) I asked why? Davy told me he needed to help one of his friends move something… I was like.. “your friends have trucks”. I wondered for a split second if Luke needed something moved to surprise me, but honestly I forgot about it after that. (I found out later that he needed to leave Luke’s truck at Luke’s apartment so Luke could run errands once he snuck back to Galveston.)

A few pics from that trip to Oklahoma

December 26th I was working watching my kids for the day. I get a group text from my friend Marissa (Rissa) to me and our friend John asking if we want to go to Vargas Cut and Catch at 7 pm (a great new steakhouse in Galveston). She said her grandma wanted to treat us. I thought nothing of it because Grandma Ann is always doing things like this. I responded and said “If I am off early enough”. The time that I was supposed to get off that night got pushed back and she texts and says “Vargas asked if we can come at 8 instead because they’re busy”. So, as soon as I get off work, I ran home and changed out of my workout clothes and into something appropriate for Vargas, half way put on makeup, and didn’t even brush my hair, just threw it up in a pony and headed out the door. Ya girl doesn’t turn down free steak, and Luke was out of town so I didn’t care that I didn’t look my best. haha oops!

Pics of the kids on engagement day 🙂

I pull up to Vargas and John and Rissa haven’t text that they’re there. My best friend, Libby, is on the phone, talking my ear off per usual 😉 so I take a little longer to get inside. I walk in and say I am meeting my friend Marissa. The hostess looks at me with a blank stare and says “this is for you”. She hands me one single red rose and an envelope. I look around and notice my friends are no where to be found. I replied “Is this a joke?” and the hostess again, blank look, says “no”. In the envelope are multiple cards of Luke’s stationary with notes that started like:

“It looks like your friends aren’t here yet… I have a surprise for you..” with instructions on how to get to the surprise. (The cards said more but we will keep it short) At this point, I still think Luke is in Oklahoma.

I walk the path the instructions tell me to and arrive at this building in downtown Galveston. This is when I knew Luke was at the top waiting for me! He had taken me to this rooftop before, and there is a small elevator to get to the top. I called him and said “I’m not going on this little elevator alone” haha and he said “take a leap of faith” joking, but also serious. So, I did!

At the top, my boy was standing with wind blowing his hair around. I was sooooo nervous. He says a bunch of sweet things about how he knew something was special about me that day at Mod, and a bunch of other things. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him… I almost joked with him and said “no” like when he asked me to be his gf on Valentines Day, but I decided not to joke at this time. 🙂 I said “yes!”. It all happened so fast and I hear clicking and see a flash. I look up, and its my bff, John, who was supposed to meet me and Rissa at dinner. He looked like Spiderman hiding on a higher roof.. it was so funny!

I didn’t wait long before I said “so, are we really going to Vargas?” Ya girl was hungry! Luke said we can!

First, John made us take some more pictures that I love. I looked a hot mess and would have never worn that outfit or not brushed my hair had I known Luke was about to ask me to be his wife, but thats what makes it so beautiful.

At Vargas, everyone was so excited! The whole staff was in on it and were so nervous about pulling it off. They gave us the private room and brought us Champagne to celebrate. (It was just Luke and me, sorry John!) haha After dinner, they also brought us dessert. It was all so nice.

Wasn’t jokin’ about my unbrushed hair and barley any makeup

Backstory on Luke’s plan: He says he almost asked me on the one year anniversary of our first date (also at Vargas) but I was a little suspicious because of the occasion. He wanted me to be totally surprised. So on Christmas Day, he officially decided he would do it the next day. He had his brother, Lane, drive him to the airport at like 2 am (Tulsa airport is about 1.5 hours from their parents home). He booked the earliest flight back to Houston and continued with his new plan.

I love the story and how so many people we love played a part in it. Luke didn’t tell any of my friends or family until the day of, with the exception of my dad and brother. Everything worked out perfectly! Also have to add that my best friend, Kimmy (Rissa’s older sister) was helping behind the scenes on her drive back to Waxahatchie from Galveston. 🙂

I am sure I am forgetting some things!

Thanks for reading!

xo- Haley