A Little Life Update

Hey y’all! It has been a while! I am finally able to make some time to write and I am so happy about that. 🙂

A couple big changes have happened in my life lately…

My fiancé bought a house and I moved in with him! It has been so fun moving in with Luke and meeting a lot of our neighbors/ realizing some people we already know are now our neighbors. I cannot wait to have the whole house organized. I have been joking that I want to have a side hustle at The Neat Method.. lol My kind of fun!

Also, I am finally done with nursing school! I now have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and am currently studying to take the NCLEX (national license test that will allow me to put RN behind my name and practice as a nurse) CRAZY!! Wish me luck and send prayers and all the good vibes my way.

Throwing it back to my white coat ceremony for nursing school with these pics. What a journey. I will definitely share more thoughts, reflexions and advice about nursing school in a future post.

For more on my nursing school experience, check out my post on how I balanced nursing school and work http://haleyherrin.com/2018/09/how-to-balance-nursing-school-and-work/.

Oh, and how could I forget, I am also obviously in the middle of planning a wedding. My current dilemma is that I cannot find a dress I just love. So I have been to 12 bridal shops in the Houston area. I will work on a post on thoughts/opinions on that as well.

Talk to y’all soon!

xo Haley

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