How to Balance Nursing School and Work

It is no secret that I love my “job”! I put it in quotes because it feels wrong calling it a job. I also do not like the word “nanny”, but saying I am a babysitter sounds like I only watch my children on a bi-weekly date-night basis; which, I am around them as much as I can be because I love them so much! My “boss” aka my friend, and “my” kids mama sometimes calls me her body-double haha. I like that phrase and sometimes think of myself as a substitute mom. 🙂 

Anyway, in nursing school, they advise you not to work. My program is basically a full-time job; 40 hours per week. Some faculty members at my school have  told me I should not be working; and I get a lot of comments from my fellow students like “how are you doing that?”. To me, I think “how would I not do this?!”. Obviously, I need the money, but I could get more loans, which I do not really want to do. And, even more than the money, I need to do it for my sanity. Nursing school is intense, so having something that I LOVE doing and time during the week where I cannot think about anything else beside keeping my babies safe and happy is the best break I can imagine.

Even though it is frowned-upon to work in nursing school, some students have no other choice. There are definitely ways to manage it and figure out what is right for you. This post could help anyone who is working in college, too.

  1. Find a job that is right for you! This is my number 1 piece of advice to anyone who has to work as a student. You’re busy and poor, so doing something that your don’t LOVE is only going to make your already stressful life even more stressful. I get asked all of the time how I got my perfect job; and it was because my kid’s mom saw me on and recognized me from church. So, create a Care profile, it is free for sitters! But, even more than that, meet people at church, coffee shops, be friendly, ask around if your friends know anyone who needs a sitter.
  2. Find a job that works with your schedule. This is obvious, but anyone in nursing school knows that things come up… the schedule said you were free on a random Wednesday, but you end up having a group project to work on, or get scheduled to volunteer. If you’re also scheduled to work when these last-minute changes arise it can be difficult for your boss to make arrangements. Lucky for me, mine is great and she rolls with the punches and works around me. I also introduced one of my best friends to the family I help, so she can usually take over for me if something comes up.
  3. Make school a priority over work. This seems obvious, but sometimes as broke students, we get caught up with how to make more money. If you can find a job that you can study during downtime, that works best. Examples: nanny/babysitting, house sitting, dog sitting, quiet coffee shop, boutique, or library.
  4. If you can’t commit to a job, and just need a little extra money, check out this post I wrote.

I hope this helps! Let me know if y’all have any questions! 🙂

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