27! Mini Birthday Getaway

For my 27th birthday, my boyfriend Luke wanted to surprise me!

Me being the nosey and anxious person I am, kind of got a tiny bit of the plan out of him. My birthday was on a Sunday and we had brunch plans with my family after church to celebrate my birthday and my brother’s birthday a little early. Luke wanted to take me on a weekend getaway, and since we had plans for Sunday, Houston was the perfect location: close but far enough to have a little escape. The location was the only part of the plan I could get out of him! Sometimes I call him “Sneaky Lukey” lol.

Anyway, so my birthday weekend began with me watching my babies Friday morning (couldn’t imagine it any other way). A little after noon, Luke showed up at my apartment and we headed to Houston and grabbed lunch on the way there. At this point I already knew where we were going.

Top: Citrine Swim//Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Luke had mentioned that the hotel we were going to was “boring” and I was like hmm what does that even mean? So I started asking a million questions. (are y’all surprised? ;)) Which led me to “have you ever been there” and he said for work.. I was a little suspicious. So I said “Have you ever been to this hotel with a girl?” obviously joking, but when he said no, I knew he was lying (I can always tell when he’s telling a fib). SO now I’m like what?! He’s bringing me somewhere he’s been with another girl?! (in my head) Here is the funny part: we pulled up to a hotel we have stayed at before The Magnolia and I’m thinking he’s kidding and going to keep driving BUT he got out and then it clicked; that’s why I knew he was lying when he said he hadn’t been there with a girl. When we checked in, the man at the front desk asked if Luke was a member and I joked that he might as well be! The rest of the afternoon, we just hung out at the rooftop pool until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Dress: Express

I had zero clue where we were going to dinner, but hoped it was Brenner’s ; and to my surprise, IT WAS! We are on a health-kick and money-saving kick, so we have been sharing meals when we go out to eat. Since Brenner’s is family-style this was easy to do with the sides, but we also shared a steak. For sides, we ordered green beans (my fave) and Au Gratin potatoes. The food and service was amazing; every single person that worked there that came into contact with us wished me a Happy Birthday!

This goat milk pop was amaaaazing!

Luke said he wanted to wait until my actual birthday to give me gifts, but one just couldn’t wait. I opened the cutest pink bag and pulled out True Roots cookbook. I had been talking about this book for months! Along with the cookbook was a sweet note that said we were going to get up early and heading to Urban Harvest Farmers Market. If you know me, you know I was very about it!  I loved it! If you are ever in Houston on a Saturday morning, check it out. We got this goat milk pop that is made on a goat farm nearby, may have been the best popsicle I’ve ever had. We also got fresh organic juices from a local juice shop, super spicy locally made salsa, some pralines, and the juiciest peaches!

After the farmers market, we went to brunch at another house-turned-restaurant (theme of the weekend I guess ;)) called Backstreet Cafe. Since it was Houston Restaurant week they had a really great deal; 3 course meal for $20. Again, on our health-kick, we shared. I think this is highly frowned upon for restaurant week, so shh. The food, service and atmosphere were all great! I want to try this place for dinner too.

After brunch, we met up with some of our friends that live in the area for coffee at Inversion Coffee House. When I get coffee at coffee shops, I always get almond milk lattes. This is the first coffee shop I’ve ever tried that makes their own almond milk in-house. It was so good and so fresh! Inversion is next to an art gallery for students, so we also checked that out since the bday girl loves art. 🙂

It was the best little weekend!