Side Hustle: How I Earned Enough to Pay my Rent in One Week!


Happy (almost) Summer Solstice!

So as some of you know, I’m a part time nanny… I don’t really like the word because it sounds a little “bougie” lol but basically I have 4 kids that I adore that I have babysat regularly for the past 4 years next month! I am also in nursing school, so I am by no means well-off. Sometimes I have to be creative to make ends meet.

This past month I found myself behind on my rent and in a bind. So, I got creative and hustled. I gathered up a bunch of my clothes, jewelry, and a nice bag that I haven’t been using that was in good condition and used two different apps to sell them: eBay and Poshmark. I love both and both have different advantages and items that sell better on each respective app.

Y’all might have also seen our new Insta for reselling our gently used items; it can be found (here)

The new Insta is more for the future when we grow and I needed quick cash sooo here is what I did/learned..


First things first, if you have any old Kendra Scott jewelry, it will sell on here in about 5 minutes for (In my opinion) an extremely jacked up price. I sold a pair of earrings I wore a handful of times for $61 and I am pretty sure they were originally $65 (maybe $75) over 3 years ago. Crazy! Jewelry in general sells pretty well on this app. Buyers can offer lower than the list price and you can accept, decline or counter their offer. I am the queen of counter-offering. I think its so much fun!

Getting the Sale 

When you are new to the app, you have to get your items out there. This is done by following a ton, I mean thousands of people and sharing their posts. They will follow back and return the favor of sharing your items. There is also an option called “offer to likers” where you can offer discounted or free shipping and 10% off to everyone who likes your item. It seems like a lot of work, but when you’re getting paid to drop off things you never use to the post office, it feels good!


Shipping from Poshmark is so easy! All you do is download the label they create for you, then print, cut and tape it onto your package (you can get free mailing supplies through USPS). Next, you drop off your package at the post office and you’re done! The buyer pays a flat rate of $6.49 for shipping.

Getting Paid 

Poshmark takes 20% of the sale which seems like a lot, but they basically do all of the work for you as far as getting shipping covered and creating a label. Once the buyer receives the item, they have a few days to report an issue and if they don’t or they approve it, that is when your money is available to be transferred directly into your bank account.


On eBay, you can either list an item for a set price or put it up for auction over a period of 3, 5 or 7 days. In my experience eBay is best for bigger ticket items. One piece of advice I would give though, is always have a buy it now option. I just sold a used designer bag that was a gift about 5 years ago (originally $425) for $350 with 3 days left until the auction was over because that was my buy it now price.

Getting the Sale 

eBay is simpler in terms of getting a sale than poshmark. You don’t have followers to share listings with or have to follow thousands of people for consumers to view your items. However, you should use key words in your listing title and as much detail as possible.


Shipping is a little more of a pain on eBay than Poshmark. There is an option to have a set shipping rate, but eBay prefers you to chose a range and shipping cost be chosen depending on the distance between the buyer and seller. In my experience, this price has never fully covered the cost of shipping, so creating your own price is the way to go especially on larger items. However, if you are selling something very nice like the designer bag I mentioned previously, I suggest offering free shipping (that is what I did).

Getting Paid 

It is also a little bit tricky to get paid from eBay. First, eBay will send all of the money you earned shipping and all into your PayPal account. Next, PayPal will take 2.9% of the money you earned as their fee. Once the buyer receives the item, the funds will be available to transfer into your bank account. Later, at the end of eBay’s billing cycle, you will owe them 10% of the original amount you made before PayPal took their fee.


Both apps have pros and cons; I personally prefer Poshmark because I don’t have to be out money for shipping and I don’t owe them a fee later. I also don’t have very many expensive items I sell.


I have more tricks up my sleeve for getting sales, if you are interested in learning more or interested in help selling on one of these apps, email me at 🙂

Talk to y’all soon,