5 Ways to be Your Own Boss

Unless you’re new around here, you know I (H) am a nanny for my job and a nursing student. When I have a “real job”, babysitting will be my side hustle and its a great one. BUT, right now, I also pick up little jobs that I consider “side hustlin'”. I think these days with how expensive things are: cars, houses, groceries, etcits almost necessary to have a side hustle of some kind; especially when you’re just establishing yourself as the Blunt Blondes are both in the process of doing.

I am here to help y’all girls out with what I do and other ideas 😉

  1. Obviously babysitting! I am biased, but I think this is the best side hustle. If you love kids like me, you will feel weird even considering this a job. Honestly, I just enjoy my babies so much and cannot imagine life without them.
  2. I am sure y’all have heard of Kroger Clicklistand I think HEB has a similar option. Well, if not, its where you order your groceries online or on the Kroger app and pick an hour time-slot to go pick them up. It’s easy, all you do is park in one of the designated parking spots, call the phone number on the sign, state your name and what parking spot you are in and someone loads your groceries in your car. I have done this for a few moms that I babysit for lately when they’re busy or have something else going on during the time-frame they signed up for. I will go do the steps above, then bring the groceries into their house and unload them. It usually takes a little over an hour and I charge a flat rate.
  3. Pet sitting/ house sitting, this is another great idea for earning some extra money. I have house sat for people I babysit for and pet sat for a nice family in my neighborhood that a family-friend gave my number to. I know there are apps for pet sitting, but they take a percentage I believe and I never have used them. Again, this is a flat-rate/day.
  4. If you haven’t read my post about the side hustle I recently did in June, you can search side hustle; its a great idea that everyone can do from home!
  5. Create an Etsy shop! My cousin just started a cute little shop customizing items (here). I’ve always thought this would be fun, but I don’t currently have the time to dedicate to it.
  6. The WAITRapp was recently brought to my city. It is a delivery service where you order from a participating restaurant and pay for your meal plus a flat rate fee of $5. Obviously, the delivery guy/girl makes tips as well. I am not sure on the hourly pay, however, I think its a cool idea for supplemental income. UBER and Lyft are options as well, especially since you can turn on and off your availability at any time. I would love the freedom!

I am always finding new ways to make money. Is this something you guys would be interested in hearing more of? Maybe updates on things I’m doing for extra income or ideas that pop up.. let us know by commenting on an insta post! 🙂

Have a great week!

Love, Haley