Seattle was amazing! I have wanted to go there for as long as I have been a Grey’s fan, which is since it first came out, so forever! The trip started off a little rocky with a long flight delay and hotel issues, but it all worked out and I had the best time. Have you ever wanted to do something for so long and once you do you’re like “Is this real?”? That was me all weekend in Seattle with the She & Him version of “You Really Got a Hold On Me” playing repeatedly in my head.


One day for brunch, we ate at Six Seven. The view was awesome and so was the food! It’s located inside The Edgewater Hotel and it was probably my favorite meal I had the whole trip; which might have something to do with the fact that it was pancakes and bacon. Highly recommend!

coat (similar)//scarf

The view from the hotel was beautiful, as was pretty much every view in the city!


Of course I had to stop at the very first Starbucks. We picked up a cute gift for our first giveaway winner here!


The famous Gum Wall was a must-visit and I even found some gum art that was reppin’ the H! 🙂

Jacket//Rain Booties

On Saturday, the market was packed! They were throwing crabs at Pike’s Place Fish Co. left and right. When I returned on Sunday, it was way less busy and I asked them when they were going to throw fish. They said no one was buying any, but asked if I wanted to catch one. Of course, I said “yes” and after a few tries, caught one! They definitely make it look easier than it is. The trick is to squeeze the fish super hard as soon as it enters your hands.

Capitol Hill 


This place is called Bar Melusine, and I had randomly wanted to go there since I saw it on Instagram solely because the space is so pretty. I had brunch there one day and the cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing… oh my gosh! So good.

Frankie & Jo’s was suggested to me by a fellow Skinny Confidential reader. All of their flavors are diary free and plant based, which I am all about. The cups are also made of recycled material. The space was also absolutely adorable and gave me design ideas should I ever have some sort of storefront.

Gas Works Park 

This park is in 10 Things I Hate About You and you climb to the top of a hill and have the greatest view of the whole Seattle Skyline.

Had to do the typical tourist pic with the Fremont Troll!

Overall, I LOVED Seattle and will definitely be back! We got super lucky with the weather, it was almost sunny and not too cold the entire time; which is not typical for this time of year. Next time, I’ll probably pick a summer month so it is warm and sunny.

Let me know if y’all have any questions about Seattle by commenting on our most recent Insta or leaving a comment on the post! Also, most outfit pieces I linked in this post are currently on sale.

Have a great week!

xo- H



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