NYE 2017

There is nothing I love more than a low-key NYE; “sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on”. That being said, that’s the opposite of what I did this year. That’s okay though, because I was surrounded by some great friends and family as I began 2018! I got so many compliments on “my” dress. It actually was borrowed from my friend, Michelle, who purchased it for less than $100! The quality is amazing. I kept it simple with jewelry, as I usually prefer to do in an effort not to take away from the look as a whole. I only wore these perfect rose gold ear climbers and my Aggie ring (whoop!). I was so thrilled to find these ear climbers because I had been looking for some forever. I did my waves in record time because I was late to the party- per usual! Would anyone like to see a quick hair tutorial? Let us know!


I was praying in my car on the way to my hotel for NYE just reflecting on 2017 and how thankful I am. As I was doing this, I realized a main issue I need to work on in 2018 is thinking before I speak & act and not giving people a negative reaction when they are hurtful. Ironically enough, the Homily for first mass of 2018 was about this exactly. I took this as even more of a sign. I also decided in 2018 I will..

  • Not get so stressed out about school; which I failed miserably at today, but tomorrow is a new day.
  • Go to an exercise class every Saturday morning
  • Spend more time outside (I think this is so important!)

Happy 2018!

xo, Haley