Cute BF Gift Idea

Boyfriend gifts are so fun and this idea is hands down my fave!
Ever had a new bf and you need to give him a gift but if you get something really nice you’re scared it’ll freak him out? But if you get him something little you’re scared its lame? Same.
I’ve experienced this dilemma, so the boyfriend basket was born. It’s a trick of the eye… looks like less effort than it is but its so fun to create!
It’s like an Easter basket but for any occasion (you can use it on Easter too).
 It doesn’t have to be only for a new guy you don’t want to freak out, it works for any and every guy!
Growing up, I loved gettin Easter baskets.. I’ve always thought all of the little details were so fun. Now, as an “adult” lol I love making baskets even more so I’ll let y’all in on some of my secrets.
The key to creating a well-balanced basket is variety and levels. By that I mean, it can’t all be edible or non-edible and you need to have different shaped and sized objects in the basket. It’s better when you have time to really personalize it, but it can be pulled off last minute (like the day of) I know from experience. I am super particular about what goes where, so I like to play around with it.
Example of one I have made my bf 
He went to OSU, so of course I had to include an Aggie polo in there. Originally he said “I can’t wear that in public”… but he does! haha 
We are Catholic and I gave him this basket at the start of Lent so I included a Lent booklet and the Men of the Bible book.
You can find a similar crate (here) but I picked this one up at my local Tuesday Morning.
Ideas of items to fill the basket 
  • his fave snacks (nuts, crackers, beef jerky, etc.)
  • gum/mints
  • chapstick
  • fave drink
  • scratch-offs
  • candy
  • sports team polo (here)
  • giftcard (to their fave store or restaurant)
  • pocket knife under $20 (here)
  • wallet phone case under $20 (here)
  • fave alcohol
  • nice razor (here)
  • socks
  • underwear
  • framed pic
  • tumbler (here)
  • k cups
  • manly candle (here)


Let me know if y’all ever need any help making one, I seriously think its one of my favorite things to create. & if you do make one, send me pics 🙂 I’d love to see!

Have a great Wednesday,