Bachelorette Party Inspo (DESTIN)

With bachelorette parties becoming a bigger and bigger deal by the minute, I thought it’d be appropriate to share some of the cute things I’ve done and seen done at friends bach parties!
First of all, I’ll be the first to say I think a lot of bachelorette party things are corny and just overdone, but I recently just did a q&a game for my bff at her bach party that I thought was super sweet. I gathered questions from all the girls (and token guy) who were attending the bach party.. some funny, some sweet, and some a little bit tabooo and asked the groom all of the questions. Some milder examples include:
•where did the first kiss take place?
•what’s one thing (insert brides name here) would change about you?
•when did you know she was the one?
can’t share the good ones 😉 
At the bachelorette party, we asked the bride all of the same questions and it was so fun to see how a lot of the answers matched up.
Party Favors 
At a lot of bach parties I’ve been to, the MOH will put together party favors for the girls attending. I think it’s cool to customize the favors to the location.
 I loved all the little details that came together to make such a cute party! Everything was a huge hit with the bride too, which is what is most important.
Let me know if y’all have any questions for any details!

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