• Our Proposal Story

    Our Proposal Story

    I told y’all how we met/started dating in my last post, so I thought it would be fun to spill on the proposal. Honestly, I have meant to write this post for so long, but was always so busy with school and rotations. A little backstory *ring story* leading up.. Like I told y’all in …Read More »
  • How I Met Luke

    How I Met Luke

    “How did y’all meet?” I don’t get asked any question as much as I get asked this. I love it! But, the story is long and people often get confused when I tell it. So, thought this would be a great post. I am also linking it on our wedding site. 🙂 I had Luke …Read More »
  • A Little Life Update

    A Little Life Update

    Hey y’all! It has been a while! I am finally able to make some time to write and I am so happy about that. 🙂 A couple big changes have happened in my life lately… My fiancé bought a house and I moved in with him! It has been so fun moving in with Luke …Read More »
  • Nursing School: OB Rotation

    Nursing School: OB Rotation

      Scrubs: UTMB Bookstore 😉 The rotation I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of nursing school is complete! While being finished with this rotation means one step closer to graduation, it’s a little bitter-sweet. At the start of OB clinicals, I had never seen a birth in real-life, and now I have been …Read More »
  • 7 Ways to Get Your Best Hair

    7 Ways to Get Your Best Hair

    All girls want good hair. Plain and simple. Whatever your hair type, its achievable! All hair types come with their own challenges. I personally have a ton of fine hair, so it can get greasy in a matter of seconds. (Kidding about the seconds, but if I skip more than a day of washing, I call …Read More »